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By consistently providing fast responses, informed expertise, and high-quality solutions, Cooper McGregor generates satisfied clients through quantifable results. The fact that Apache is an open source (free) product does not mean that you're on your own when it comes to technical support. Cooper McGregor offers support contracts to fit your needs.

Per-Incident Support
Have a one-time Apache question? Call our 800 number to speak with our Apache expert, who will walk you through the solution to your problem. Support is priced on a per-incident basis, or you can prepay several incidents at a reduced rate. Each per-incident fee includes a writeup of your incident, with problem, cause, and solution, emailed and snailmailed to you, and up to two hours of phone support specific to your incident. The costs are $250 per-incident if purchased individually, $225 per-incident ($1125 total) if five (5) incidents are prepaid, and $200 per-incident (2000 total) if ten (10) incidents are prepaid.

Extended Support Contracts
Extended support contracts are available for three-month, six-month, or twelve-month periods. During this time you will have an unlimited number of incidents, each of which will be handled as described above (phone support with written summary). Pricing is dependent on the number of servers we will be supporting and the hours during which you will be expecting support (24x7, 10x7, 10x5). Please see pricing chart for rates. Download detailed description of support plans (PDF).

Consultations and Needs Assessments
Sometimes, you're not entirely sure what you need. We'll help you assess your situation, figure out what solution you need, and help you find the right people to implement that solution. (That may or may not include us.) Assessments and consultations can be via telephone or we can come on site to better understand your needs, meet with your technical staff, and better advise you. Please call for pricing.

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