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Cooper McGregor is based in Open Source software, and committed to the philosophies that gve rise to Open Source projects. So it's only natural that we've developed, or helped to develop, a number of Open Source projects over the years.

HyperCal -- The first CGI application I ever wrote, HyperCal is a web-based calendar application written in Perl.
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Maneggio -- Formerly known simply as "Conference Rooms", Maneggio is a resource-scheduling application which was originally developed to schedule meeting rooms.
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iAMB -- iAMB, which, perversely, stands for iAMB A Message Board, is a web-based discussion forum. Yes, there are many web-based discussion forums, some of which are better than this one. But it's an interesting exercise, and we still hack on it occasionally.
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Watchers -- Watchers started life as a simple application to monitor network services, and send notification when they went down. It has mutated a few times, but still does the same basic things. Watchers has changed names at least twice, due to silly lawyers.
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Everything else -- There's other stuff, which you're welcome to poke at, sent patches for, and use as you like. Perhaps some of them will warrant their own descriptions eventually.
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