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Leveraging internet technology since 1993, CM is a unique blend of open source professionals with years of experience in developing the tools that allow your business to compete in the global marketplace. Our role is to learn about your organization and business objectives so that we can create the web based tools that best serve your IT needs. Cooper McGregor partners with The Creative Group for graphics and design of the web applications we develop.

The integration of your web presence into the rest of your company should be seamless. Cooper McGregor offers web application development services to make your web site a tool rather than a brochure. Please take a minute to review some of our work.

From our interaction with clients and assessment of their needs, we've developed several web-based software products that we think you'll find exciting. We're constantly on the lookout for newer, better ideas, so if you have a product you would like us to develop, or have an idea for a useful product, let us know!

Our Products Include:

  • HyperCal - Stay organized using this simple web-based calendar application. Copyright 2000-2002, Cooper McGregor
  • Maneggio - Schedule usage of conference rooms or other resources. Copyright 1999-2002, Cooper McGregor
  • Watchers - Monitor servers and network services. Copyright 1999-2002, Cooper McGregor
  • iAMB - Web discussion forum software. Copyright 1999-2002, Cooper McGregor

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