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HyperCal (Stable version 4.01)
A Calendar for the Web
Copyright 2000-2002, Cooper McGregor
Formerly distributed by

HyperCal is, in its latest incarnation, a CGI application, written in Perl, and tested primarily on Apache using mysql, running on Linux. HyperCal is a web-based calendaring program, useful for scheduling events on your web site or internal intranet.

HyperCal is released under the same terms as Perl itself. The latest version is 4.01 (download).


Need HyperCal to do something different? We're available for customization programming services. Just custom programming request form.


Want to participate in the project? Check out the developer resources

Technical Details

This product will work on any platform with the following requirements:

• Perl 5.005 or later.
• Your favorite database server (Most testing has been done with mysql
• A variety of modules, all available from CPAN

See it working

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