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Insight: Apache Documentation
Rich Bowen, CTO, is a member of the Apache Documentation Project in addition to having written two books about Apache. We are confident we can satisfy your Apache documentation needs. We are available to:

• Assist in documentation of custom Apache modules
• Commission enhancements for the Apache documentation
• Clarify and explain existing documentation

Documentation Services
If you have developed your own Apache modules, it's because you have a special situation not covered by the standard Apache distribution. It is precicely this special situation that requires that your module be well-documented — If you had to do something out of the ordinary, then chances are it needs to be well-explained. Yet these sorts of projects are notoriously poorly documented.

Cooper McGregor can help you identify the parts of your project that are inadequately documented, help you develop documentation standards and coding standards that best fit your organization, and help you put things in place to make sure they get enforced.

And we can help you write the documentation for your project so that the person who has to maintain it will understand what's going on.

Commission the Apache documentation
As you probably know, the Apache documentation is written and maintained by a team of volunteers who write only as they have time between their real job and the rest of their life.

You can help out this effort by commissioning updates to the documentation. You can either fund particular efforts, such as the conversion to XML or the writing of howtos, or you can specify parts of the documentation that you think need some help, or you can just pay for some time to be spent where it is most needed. In this way, you can help make the Apache documentation higher quality, and give something back to a product that you rely on so much.

Clarification and explanation of the documentation
You know it's in the docs, you just can't find it, or it does not make much sense when you do find it. And you've asked on the news group, and they tell you to RTFM. We can help.

Helping you track down the right part of the documentation, and helping you understand it once you have found it are some of the things that we do best. And, if the docs are inadequate in the particular area that you are concerned about, your question may lead to an improvement there.

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